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Sellers! 2018 Brings a New Breed of Buyers - Here's 5 Tips on How to Get Ahead of the Game

February 2, 2018 | By Bill Webb
It’s a new year, and let’s face the facts, this brings on a new breed of buyers. Today’s buyers have a vast amount of knowledge and very particular tastes.  Here are a few tips to get ahead of the game.

1. Market to Millennial's

This age group is in their mid-20s to mid-30s and make up 43% of home buyers by the end of 2018. Millennial's are one of the largest purchasing groups in the country right now.

Play up walk-able neighborhood, walk-able amenities, grocery stores, restaurants & fitness centers.  Bigger is not necessarily better. Green features – (storm windows, insulated water heaters, low flow commodes, solar panels) show buyer’s receipts of utility bills from before and after adding, show them how much you saved. 

2. Baby Boomers

 The number of Americans aged 65 & older is expected to double and nearly 90% of seniors want to stay at home as they grow older. Spark their interest by making your home accessible regardless of age or disability or tout them if your home already has them. A plus may be a one-level ranch home, master suite on the first floor or a walk-in shower.

3. Go Above & Beyond – Not Just Video

Drone tours are on the rise and much more effective at marketing your property than traditional photos a video. The benefit of drone marketing is a sweeping aerial view featuring a beautiful yard, landscaping, woods, creeks, playgrounds and pools. 

4. Get Smart Home Features, Easily Used By All

Smart features are par for the course these days. A major attraction to the largest possible buyer pool, looks for smart technology. Making smart home gadgets broadly compatible with the top companies (Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomeiPod), sets you apart from the rest. 

5. Consider A Pre-Inspection Before You Sell

Move-in ready seems to be the buzz word with buyers in today's market. The lack of any potential problems can reassure buyers that the house is in good shape, or point you toward repairs you might want to make before you put your home on the market. Note: getting a pre-inspection – doesn’t mean home buyers won’t want their own home inspection, too.